Let's get VISIBLE with Jenny De Lacy

Let's get VISIBLE with Jenny De Lacy

Have you had ‘video’ on your to do list for months or even years? Is it time to up your digital game and you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you are posting random stuff to social media and you know it’s not achieving results, but you’re unclear what to do next.


Or you know you want to create video content, for website, social media, ads and more, to attract the right clients and even more staff, but don’t want to waste time money and resources getting it wrong?It’s time to get your #videomojo on, and the Inner West Biz Hub is thrilled to be present Jenny De Lacy - the visability coach &  video marketing guru. 


Jenny De Lacy helps businesses create compelling video messaging that attracts more of their ideal clients while ditching the self doubt and costly guess-work. After a 25 year career as an L&D Consultant and change communications expert, she brings the system and process needed to make video uncomplicated, simple and NOT scary.


There is no doubt about it, your video marketing strategy is more important than EVER!


In this webinar we cover:


  •  5 steps to feel like a boss on video and maximise connection, confidence and ultimately to get more clients!

  • Jenny will share her five step video system and you’ll walk away with clear next steps for your business visibility.

  • Kicking Video Nerves To The Curb

  • Confidence for video

  • Angles & lighting

  • Creating great videos fast

  • Developing engaging content for video