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Know your body, know yourself with Mel Finlay

Know your body, know yourself with Mel Finlay

Chrissie Davies - Child behaviour expert from Chaos to Calm Consultancy works with hundreds of women and mothers, and will be sharing her insights around her own personal journey to understanding how important it is for women to listen to their inner psyche. She will be sharing her road to motherhood, her infertility struggles and the path of self-discovery she had to travel to make peace with, and love and understand her own body.


Chrissie passionately believes that as women if we could learn to be more compassionate and in tune with our bodies and its needs, we would be more successful in all areas of life - work, motherhood, friendships, relationships and in life in general.


Melissa Finlay Nutritionist is a holistic nutritionist specialising in women's health. She's passionate about empowering women to understand the connection between how they fuel and care for their bodies, and how energised and happy they feel.


Through her work helping women tap into their energy potential, Melissa has seen first hand the gap in women's knowledge of how their own bodies work. We simply have not been given the education around this that we need in order to tap into our body's own power and reach our full potential in this way.


"Body Literacy" is making empowered decisions based on the needs of our unique bodies. This is what we will be tapping into in this powerful workshop for women.


Where we are in our cycle has a biological influence on our energy levels, our emotions and our confidence to complete tasks with ease. When we understand the ebb and flow of our cycles and rhythms, we can really use this energy and momentum to our advantage. If we ignore, or simply don't understand the rhythms of our body, we can wind up feeling burnt out, anxious and left wondering why we can't keep up the pace that our busy lives often demand of us.


We will explore the journey of matrescence and how this helps us to come to terms with understanding the changing and evolving needs of our own bodies throughout our motherhood journey.


We will discuss how understanding and knowing your cycle as women can have a profound positive impact on our self-worth, productivity, energy levels and the ways in which we communicate with others.


This is a very special event. We cannot wait to share this very raw, emotional and lesson in self-discovery with you.



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